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  • 25 November : And what about the women?
    Ahmet Davutoğlu's ministerial selection shows that women continue to be disgracefully underrepresented in the Turkish cabinet
  • 25 November : All the king’s horses
    Turkey’s new cabinet clearly signals the shift in power from the prime minister to the president
  • 12 November : Turkey’s free and unfair election
    Last Sunday's result astonished us all, even though it was what the people of Turkey voted for. That doesn't mean it was fair.
  • 1 November : LIVE: Turkey votes November 2015
    Live coverage of the voting, results, trends and reaction to Turkey's parliamentary election on 1 November 2015
  • 31 October : Turkey votes again
    Our final predictions: slightly stronger AK Party, stronger CHP, slightly weaker nationalists, a Kurdish party in third place
  • 29 October : The expatriate factor
    Votes cast by Turkish nationals abroad could swing more results in this election than ever before
  • 22 October : A fifth Turkish political party?
    Gossip about a fifth party in the next Turkish parliament is still just gossip - for the moment
  • 9 October : The manifestos compared: president or parliament?
    Despite new references to "fairer representation" in politics, the AK Party's executive presidency proposals are unchanged
  • 7 October : How will they vote this time?
    As Turkey's voters are dragged to ballot box for the second time, how do opinion polls say they will vote?
  • 6 October : How the election happened again
    Relive the summer that never was and remember how Turkey tried - and failed - to form a coalition government after the June general election
  • 28 July : Optimism in Turkish coalition talks
    Given that Turkey has declared war on ISIS and the PKK, coalition talks between its two largest parties couldn’t possibly be going well – could they?
  • 20 July : Where they clash
    Turkey's two largest parties have chasms to bridge before they can partner in government
  • 1 July : Surprises in the Turkish speaker’s election
    A near-identical race for the Turkish speaker took place in 1999 - and the enigmatic Devlet Bahçeli was there then as well
  • 23 June : Who shall speak unto nation?
    The 2015 election ends and the Great Coalition Scramble begins by voting for the new parliament speaker
  • 16 June : Abdullah Gül: will he? Won’t he?
    A political memoir causes a buzz in Ankara and offers hints - but only hints - that the Turkish ex-president's gardening leave isn't permanent
  • 9 June : Davutoğlu’s moment
    The prime minister should use this election result to wrest control of Turkey's most successful centre-right party
  • 8 June : What on earth is Devlet Bahçeli thinking?
    The nationalists hold the key to Turkey’s first coalition government this century. They want to throw it away.
  • 7 June : LIVE: Turkey votes 2015
    Live coverage of the voting, results, trends and reaction to Turkey's parliamentary election on 7 June 2015
  • 6 June : Turkey’s coalition options
    If the pro-Kurdish HDP crosses the 10% electoral threshold tomorrow, we could be facing the exciting prospect of multi-party government in Turkey.
  • 5 June : Violence in Diyarbakır
    Two explosions strike the largest Kurdish party in the largest Kurdish city
  • 5 June : The cost of food
    One factor that will affect Turkish voting intention this weekend is how much voters pay to feed themselves
  • 2 June : That ORC poll – and whether it means anything
    A government-friendly pollster has flouted Turkey's ban on opinion polls - as it said it would. The results are still interesting.
  • 1 June : Turkey’s dancing, smiling, singing TV election
    This campaign has some of the most inspiring - and the most bizarre - television spots of any Turkish election. Here's what stood out the most.
  • 1 June : How the stocks reacted
    Inspired by an Economist graphic following last month’s British election, we ask: do Turkish general election results have a big impact on the country’s stock market?
  • 28 May : Our first predictions for the Turkish election
    As the final opinion polls are published, JamesInTurkey.com makes its first calls for the Turkish general election
  • 26 May : Is Abdullah Gül coming back?
    Rumours abound that the former president will be drafted in to shore up the governing party’s vote
  • 25 May : Turkey’s cruel election threshold: a crash course
    The central question of this year’s election is whether the HDP can muster enough votes it needs before it can win any seats.
  • 22 May : Can we trust Konda?
    A leaked survey from a long-standing pollster appears to confirm what we already know about Turkey's approaching general election
  • 18 May : Campaigns in concert
    President Erdoğan and Prime Minister Davutoğlu are proving effective at coordinating their diaries
  • 17 May : Turkey can’t even get its sex scandals right
    Prudish Turkey loves a good sex tape, but the rubbish spouted about Meral Akşener will only backfire
  • 11 May : The elusive result
    With four weeks until election day, Turkish opinion polls aren't showing much movement. Maybe the campaign will change that.
  • 5 May : HDP complains about partisan Erdoğan
    The opposition complains over the president's lack of neutrality
  • 24 April : Is Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu xenophobic?
    Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu wants to rid Turkey of the hundreds of thousands of Syrian refugees who fled north to escape the civil war
  • 23 April : What is the Turkish position on the Armenian genocide?
    The events of 1915 are ripe for historical research. Let’s pick at it before it goes completely rotten.
  • 19 April : Where the race will be fought
    With 50 days to go, we look at the districts that will be most contested in the upcoming Turkish election
  • 14 April : Seductive glamour of Turkish opinion polls
    The pollsters do have their uses, but don't bet on them to call this summer's election result
  • 9 April : Parties in alliance
    A two-party alliance ahead of this summer's election could spell trouble for right wing parties
  • 7 April : The March of the Women
    Turkey's political parties are (mostly) scrambling over each other to nominate more women.
  • 4 April : Regional poll suggests AK Party woes
    There are further signs that support for Turkey’s governing party is sliding
  • 31 March : Kemal’s CHP
    This could Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu’s last election. Whatever the result, he will be remembered for making his party electable again.
  • 28 March : Briefing: the CHP’s primaries
    Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu gives his party’s members a voice where no other leader dares
  • 26 March : Foreshadows of AK’s leadership dispute
    The prime minister may have quelled unrest for now, but there's a catalogue of it building up in Turkey's governing party
  • 23 March : The cracks in AK
    If you were ever looking for signs of tension in the ranks of Turkey’s governing party, the deputy prime minister delivered with gusto
  • 6 March : Counting down to the big day
    In three months, Turkey will hold its last election until 2019. If it actually happened tomorrow, what result would each party be happy with?
  • 16 February : Principles in the face of an atrocity
    Lawyers refuse to defend an alleged murderer and a minister calls for the death penalty. What principles does Turkey actually stand for?
  • 9 February : When MPs leave the chamber
    More members of parliament have left the AK Party than any other in this session, but opposition lines haven't exactly held firm
  • 6 February : Riches or desolation: can the HDP get more than 10%?
    Turkey's Kurdish party has ambitiously vowed to contest this summer's election. It's a risky decision that pitches the party between riches and desolation