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Turkey’s dancing, smiling, singing TV election

This campaign has some of the most inspiring – and the most bizarre – television spots of any Turkish election. Here’s what stood out the most.

HDP 150px

HDP (Peoples’ Democracy Party)

Turkey’s main Kurdish party has easily the most optimistic campaign at this election – in fact, it based so many of its early television spots around smiling. Face upon face upon face appears in front of the words “Great humanity”: it is these smiles, the party says, that will take us over the 10 percent electoral threshold and into parliament.

MHP 150pxMHP (Nationalist Movement Party)

Turkey’s third party has some of the darkest and dullest visuals of this election – the first wave of TV spots make you feel utterly despondent.

But don’t despair! The nationalists have an acapella/opera duet to raise your spirits. It’s a must see.

CHP 150px

CHP (Republican People’s Party)

This year the main opposition party has put together one of its most effective campaigns in a very long time. There are actual policies – a novel concept, perhaps – as well as a grim protest movement through the medium of applause.

AK Party 150pxAK (Justice and Development Party)

In its pitch to voters, the governing party is relying on what it sees as thirteen years of achievement in office and the fact it is Turkey’s only truly national party.

It has a campaign song – a traditional medley with shots of everyday people singing along and dancing – and speaks to “every day” talking heads who tell us how much their lives have changed.