Turkish polls: the rolling average

This page is no longer being updated

But never fear! The James in Turkey rolling average of voting intention polls has risen again for the 1 November 2015 election. To see it, all you have to do is click here.

The James in Turkey rolling average recorded opinion polling ahead of the 7 June general election and charted the change in results.




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Last updated: 4 June 2015

This page tracked Turkish opinion polls and how they have been shifting ahead of the general election.

A word of warning: the James in Turkey rolling average was not a scientific measure of Turkish voter intention. It did not balance between pro- and anti-government pollsters and it did not filter pollsters by reliability or data gathering methods.

What it did do was maintain a rolling average of the last five polls published by known Turkish pollsters. It weighed this result down with the previous five polling results, which helped give an idea of the trend in support while protecting the average against extreme outlier results.

Now that the general election is over this page has been retired; the figures above reflect the final projection before the election. To see how it compared with the actual result, see the line chart below.

Past rolling averages


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PollsterDateAK PartyCHPMHPHDPOthers
GeziciJun 1538.528.516.512.54
ORCJun 154625.315.594.2
KondaJun 154127.814.812.63.8
MetropollJun 154127.21611.53.6
GeziciMay 1539.128.717.112.52.5
AKAMMay 1538.827.417.512.14.3
SonarMay 15412618.110.45.5
Andy ARMay 1541.925.81610.75.6
KONDAMay 1540.528.714.411.54.9
AKAMMay 1538.928.117.611.83.7
GeziciMay 1538.
ORCMay 1547.523.9158.15.5
SONARApr 154326.
GeziciApr 1538.128.518114.4
MetropollApr 1542.526.417.610.23.3
KONDAApr 1542.926.2?12.11.8
MAKApr 1545.224.815.39.25.5
AKAMApr 1540.725.51811.44.4
ORCApr 1548.323.714.48.94.7
GeziciApr 1539.228.116.911.34.6
MetropollMar 1541.727.717.410.42.8
GeziciMar 1539.329.617.711.42
MAKMar 1547.725.314.29.23.6
ORCMar 1550.32314.18.64
SONARMar 154027.11810.14.8
ORCMar 155023.
Andy ARFeb 1545.225.616.59.23.5
GENARFeb 1539.128.718.19.54.6
MAKFeb 1547.624.814.385.3
ORCFeb 1549.82313.98.94.4
GeziciFeb 1535.
GeziciJan 1539.829.617.37.36
KONDAJan 1545.423.315.110.65.6
ORCJan 1548.623.313.58.26.4
GENARDec 1448.22514.193.7
ORCDec 1449.42313.17.96.6
ORCNov 1448.523.113.786.7
SONARNov 1437.727.0117.136.6911.47
GeziciOct 1441.427.419.78.13.4
ORCOct 1447.324.613.58.36.3
ORCSep 1447.424.3159.53.8
ORCAug 1447.12514.210.23.5
ORCJun 1449.525.315.16.73.4
SONARMay 1441.226.719.87.94.4
ORCApr 144826.514.16.45
ORCFeb 1448.427.514.563.6
SONARJan 1442.329.818.75.63.6
MAKOct 1352.323.412.46.55.4
GeziciSep 1342.527.318.19.52.6
GeziciAug 1341.226.420.29.71.1
GeziciJul 1343.
SONARJul 1344.128.216.3
GENARJun 1350.22713.26.51.9
SONARApr 1345.0626.0917.277.092.79
KonsensusMar 1350.724.215.354.8
ORCMar 1344.930.814.35.74.3
GeziciFeb 13432818.28.12.7
GeziciJan 1345.727.
GENARDec 1252.425.611.76.92.3
KonsensusDec 1250.727.712.86.42.4
GeziciNov 1245.926.117.17.93
SONARNov 1247.325.115.275.3
GENAROct 1251.226.512.47.31.9
KonsensusSep 1253.723.813.14.64.8
AndyARAug 1246.719.516.189.7
GENARJun 1251.124.512.46.65.4
KonsensusJun 1251.626.812.753.9
SONARJun 1250.4219.0117.26.052.65
PollmarkMay 1252.424.511.47.44.3
GENARApr 1251.325.713.25.14.7
MetroPOLLApr 1253.525.1135.72.7
KonsensusMar 1251.727.713.35.61.7
SonarFeb 1253.219.816
GENARJan 1251.626.714.34.43
KonsensusDec 1150.227.1125.84.9
GENARNov 1151.126.311.86.72.9
KonsensusSep 1152.125.4126.14.4
GENARAug 1151.425.
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