Bomb attacks in Turkey since June 2015

A record of the bomb attacks that occurred in Turkey since five civilians were killed at a rally held by the pro-Kurdish Peoples’ Democracy Party (HDP) just before the 7 June 2015 parliamentary election.

This is a rolling project: please let me know of any incidents missing or in need of updating through @JamesInTurkey or the comments section below.

Bomb attacks on this map are attributed by the Turkish government to organisations including PKK/TAK and Daesh/IS, but this does not necessarily mean the particular attack was claimed by the implicated organisation.

DateTargetCityCasualties mostlyDeadWoundedTypeAttributed to  
17 Dec 2016Soldiers on day leave outside Erciyes University hospitalKayseriMilitary1355Car bombAs yet unknown
11 Dec 2016Police after Beşiktaş-Bursaspor football matchIstanbulPolice39154Coordinated attack: car bombTAK (PKK)
11 Dec 2016Police after Beşiktaş-Bursaspor football matchPolice39154Coordinated attack: suicide bomberTAK (PKK)
04 Nov 2016Bağlar counter-terror branch buildingDiyarbakırCivilian1298Car bombTAK (PKK)
09 Oct 2016Checkpoint in Durak, ŞemdinliHakkariMilitary1626Car bombTAK (PKK)
06 Oct 2016Police station in YenibosnaIstanbulCivilian010Device detonated by remoteTAK (PKK)
12 Sep 2016AK Party headquartersVanCivilian048Car bombTAK (PKK)
20 Aug 2016Neighbourhood weddingGaziantepCivilian5794Suicide bomberDaesh (IS)
17 Aug 2016Police stationVanPolice473Car bombTAK (PKK)
28 Jun 2016Atatürk AirportIstanbulUnknown45238Multiple suicide bombersDaesh (IS)
28 Jun 2016Güzelsu Gendarmarie baseVanMilitary14Car bombTAK (PKK)
28 Jun 2016Police patrolDicle, DiyarbakırPolice17Car bombTAK (PKK)
28 Jun 2016Military convoy near DenktaşDerik, MardinMilitary23Device detonated by remoteTAK (PKK)
08 Jun 2016Midyat police stationMardinCivilian534Car bombTAK (PKK)
07 Jun 2016Police minibus near Vezneciler stationIstanbulPolice1136Device detonated by remoteTAK (PKK)
12 May 2016Employee buses, Sancaktape military facilityIstanbulMilitary08Device detonated by remoteTAK (PKK)
12 May 2016Clashes with local villagers in DürümlüDiyarbakırCivilian1623Car bombTAK (PKK)
10 May 2016Police bus, Bağlar neighbourshoodDiyarbakırCivilian345Device detonated by remoteTAK (PKK)
06 May 2016Çaldağ Gendarmarie baseGiresunMilitary10Grenade launcherTAK (PKK)
01 May 2016City police stationGaziantepPolice222Car bombDaesh (IS)
28 Apr 2016Soma roadside bombManisaMilitary01Device detonated by remoteTAK (PKK)
27 Apr 2016Funeral cortege, Ulu CamiiBursaCivilian113Suicide bomberTAK (PKK)
19 Mar 2016Tourists on İstiklal CaddesiIstanbulCivilian536Suicide bomberDaesh (IS)
13 Mar 2016Bus stops outside Güvenpark, KızılayAnkaraCivilian38At least 125Car bombTAK (PKK)
17 Feb 2016Employee buses, Military headquartersAnkaraCivilian2961Car bombTAK (PKK)
12 Jan 2016Foreign tourists in SultanahmetIstanbulCivilian1115Suicide bomberDaesh (IS)
23 Dec 2015Sabiha Gökçen AirportIstanbulCivilian10Mortar attack (suspected)TAK (PKK)
01 Dec 2015Police bus passing by Bayrampaşa-Maltepe metro stationIstanbulCivilian01Device detonated by remoteTAK (PKK)
10 Oct 2015Peace rally outside main train stationAnkaraCivilian109Over 500Suicide bomberDaesh (IS)
02 Aug 2015Karabulak Gendarmarie baseDoğubayazıt, AğrıMilitary231Tractor bombTAK (PKK)
20 Jul 2015Press statement, Suruç cultural centreŞanlıurfaCivilian34103Suicide bomberDaesh (IS)
05 Jun 2015HDP rally in town centreDiyarbakırCivilian5Over 400Device detonated by remoteDaesh (IS)