November manifesto pledges

All the main Turkish political parties have released their manifestos for the 1 November election. We compare them – with changes from their June manifestos – here.

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Major political issues

Policies marked with an (*) have been changed since the party’s June manifesto

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Threshold to elect MPs to parliamentThe election threshold will be reformed in way that balancesfair representation with stable government. (p31) (*)We will eliminate all obstacles in front of democratic politics and fair representation, beginning with the 10% election threshold (p36) (*)Reorganise rules that obstruct participation in politics' (p87)The election threshold will be eliminated. All parties will be represented in parliament according to the vote share they receive. (p11)
Election systemThe AK Party wants a contemporary and effective system where elections guarantee not just representation but a government, and where instability is prevented. (p31) (*)● Introduce necessary universal rules, autonomy rules and transparent operation systems to ensure elections take place in a free and just manner.
● 10 MPs, one for every 300,000 citizens, to represent Turkish citizens overseas (p35)
● All laws preventing increase participation in politics to be reviewed
● Introduce electronic voting (p87)
Political Party law to be democraticsed to allow party members to participate directly in party decisions. Party membership process will be simplified. (p11)
Executive presidencyThe AK Party believes the existing system has the potential to create crises when the President and Prime Minister come from different political backgrounds. That is why we believe possible adminstrative problems can be overcome with a presidential system. (p32)● Opposes an executive presidency system.
● Limit president's influence over judiciary and executive.
● Abolish the president's discretionary fund (p40)
"Problems that arise in the operation of Turkey's parliamentary system are best solved in that parliamentary system. We oppose presidential, semi-presidential or similar systems." (p72)Opposes an executive presidency system. (p9)
Central BankThe Central Bank's practice of setting its own monetary policy tools to maintain price stability will continue to be the principle. (p131)Protect Central Bank from arbitrary interventions (p53)● Independence in determining monetary policy (p109)
● The Bank will continue to operate from Ankara (p110)
Immunity from prosecution--Abolish criminal immunity for MPs and replace with immunity for speeches in parliament (p87)Abolish criminal immunity for MPs and replace with immunity for speeches in parliament (p12)
Press freedom● We have removed obstacles to free expression and enhanced press freedom.
● We have now added the proviso 'thought expressions made for purposes of criticism are not a crime' to all offences regarding freedom of expression. (p16)
● Respect the right of journalists to freely produce news and of citizens to obtain information from different sources. (p32)
● Legislate for an independent, free and pluralist media. (p32)
● TRT [the state broadcaster] will become financially and administratively autonomous. (p40)
● Believe press and broadcasts should not be censored but free, though laws must be drawn up for the right to reply, libel and untruthful productions. This will be enshrined in law. (p65)● Our 'Press ethics law' to reinforce journalism.
● RTÃœK [the broadcast regulator] will be democratically reformed and abandon its conservative, moralist, censoring approach.
● Owners of media companies will not be permitted to operate in other sectors. (p12)

Domestic matters

Policies marked with an (*) have been changed since the party’s June manifesto

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Higher educationRetain YÖK, the university regulator, but consider plans to grant universities some autonomy (p69)Abolish YÖK and grant universities scientific, financial and administrative autonomy (p141)Reform YÖK into a coordination body and grant universities financial and administrative autonomy (p206)Abolish YÖK and replace with a body that coordinates relations and exchanges knowledge between universities (p28)
Justice system● Implement our New Justice Reform Stategy document (*)
● Split High Council of Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK) into two organisations. (*)
● End all forms of military justice except disciplinary hearings.
● Increase the role of parliament, which represents the national will, in senior judicial and appeal court appointments.
● Use European standards to define High Court membership terms. (p37-40)
● Split High Council of Judges and Prosecutors (HSYK) into two organisations.
● End role of Justice Minister and Undersecretary in appointing members to these councils (p39)
● The justice system will not operate under the guidance of the political administration or particular individuals or groups. The principle of rule of law will be followed. (p75)● HSYK will be reformed and political influence prevented.
● The Justice Minister's influence to end; Ministry of Justice to become autonomous.
● Right to access justice in mother languages. (p12)
Minimum wage1300 TL in 2016 (p115) (*)1600 TL, take it out of income tax (p94)1400 TL after tax (p192)1800 TL "at the first stage" (p22) (*)
Recognise Alevi faith● Already created "Alevi workshops", which allow discussion of different interpretations of Islam (p21)● Grant official "place of worship" status to Cemevi (p43)● Greater state recognition for "Alevi Islam", provide financial support for Cemevi (p217)● All Alevi places of worship to receive official status (p15)
Women● Promote higher fertility rate with bonus payments to mothers of newborns and increased maternity pay for public sector workers. (p82)
● Incentives in law for more nurseries across the country. (p81)
● Maintain the "zero tolerance" principle in the battle against violence towards women (p87)
● Family Insurance, a social security service for the poorest in the country, to be paid directly to women to strengthen them financially.
● Positive discrimination for women in judiciary appointments, small business support funds and pensions. (p101)
● Fully implement the Istanbul Agreement that envisages a multi-directional approach to combating violence towards women (p102)
● Women will be supported in the workplace and negative discrimination ended.
● We will increase awareness of violence against women, particularly in the family. (p196-200)
● Women will be supported in their struggle against male domination and violence. (p5)
● We will establish a Ministry for Women (p5)
● Women who work in the home will be considered workers and eligible for social security (p17)

Foreign policy

Policies marked with an (*) have been changed since the party’s June manifesto

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CyprusContinue our constructive role as a guarantor country supporting UN-sponsored peace talks (p324)We will solve the Cyprus problem by protecting the rights attained by the North Cyprus Turkish Cypriot people and achieving political equality between Turkish and Greek Cypriots. (p186)● Only possible solution is a partnership of two regions, two nations and two states. states, two nations.
● We will always oppose Cyprus being made a condition of Turkey's EU membership. (p256-257)
Support Turkish & Greek Cypriot efforts to reunify island (p10)
EU membershipMembership is a strategic objective (p252)Will make Turkey a full member (p201)Membership will not be regarded as a matter of destiny (p257)Continue to defend EU principles like human rights, local democracy, divison of powers and rule of law, but oppose its neoliberal capital policies (p10)
Syrian refugeesWill continue to stand by Syrian brothers and sisters (p255), for whom we have operated an 'open door' policy since 2011 (p258)● Will not take sides in Syrian civil war. We will support creating conditions that will allow the Syrian people to decide on Syria's future without external interference (p205)
● Will host Syrians come to our country because of the war in dignified, humane conditions (p206)
● Allocate a significant portion of refugee budget for education and health, for the benefit of both refugees and our people (p207) (*)
● We will return those whose situation is suitable to their homeland at speed. (p239-240)
● They are our guests, but we will look to the United Nations and our allies to help with funding. (p254)
● Abolish Turkey's "geographical exemption" to the Geneva Convention that prevents non-Europeans from being classed as refugees
● Prevent hate and discrimination against migrants and refugees (p16)
U.S. relationsDevelop our relations on the basis of mutual respect and trust (p256)Cooperate with the United States - not because of global and regional developments, but because of our lasting common interests and values (p210)Deeper and more developed relations based on equality and reciprocity will be positive for both countries' interests. (p258)-